Dental Tips

Post Op Instructions For Temporary Crowns

  1. It is very important that the temporary crown remain in place while the lab is preparing your permanent crown. Please follow these instructions to maintain your temporary crown.
  2. Avoid sticky foods such caramel, chewing gum etc. as they can cause the temporary to become loose.
  3. Avoid hard foods such as hard pretzels, hard bread or hard candies as the temporary is made of plastic and could break.
  4. If the temporary crown comes off, place some Vaseline inside where the cement is and place back on tooth. If Vaseline is not available use a small amount of toothpaste. This will hold the temp in place until you can be seen by Dr. Wynne-Hall. Call the office to inform of us of the temp coming off.
  5. When flossing drag the floss through the space instead of popping it out. Flossing in the usual up and down direction will dislodge the temp.
  6. Initially you may experience some cold sensitivity but this should diminish within a few days.